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5stelle* is a management software for all types of hotels, and it’s cloud!
5stelle* contains everything you need for the administration and the front office of your hotel, including:
– Property Management System (hotel spa restaurant meeting rooms parking and more)
– fully integrated Booking Engine (two-way)
– fully integration with OTA (with a two-way Channel Manager)
– customer relationship management

5stelle* is cloud software (Java)
– hotelier and revenue manager can stay connected to the reception (or they can stay connected to more than one reception) wherever they are, even with a tablet or smartphone.
– no licensing fees, no commission, but only an all-inclusive annual fee
– hotel do not need a dedicated server
– data are always safe
– training and support are “easy and immediate”

5stelle* is sales-oriented
– hotel uses a single online sale instrument: planner, OTA, booking engine are managed from the same interface
– reservations by OTA are automatically inserted on the planner. Customer data stored in archive
– off-line reservations (phone, walk-in, email) are entered on the PMS from the reception and the online availability updated in real time
– revenue managers can create on 5stelle* special offers (last minute, early booking and many others). These appear instantly on your booking engine.



Communication or meta-communication through cosmetics certified, for an improved brand reputation.

Alfera Core Business’s is a BIO & GO GREEN Made in Italy COURTESY LINE, without parabens and without paraffin.
Products are dermatologically tested on human beings and not on animals, for a world more and more ecofriendly.



The Agenzia di Promozione Territoriale is an instrumental organization of the Regione Basilicata active in the promotion of the region. basilicataturistica.com is a project begun in 2012 aimed at creating an aggregate that positions itself at the center of a more articulated network: an access door to a system that comprises, other than aptbasilicata.it, a blog about events and news, a site on cultural patrimony, 4 foreign sites, 8 mini-sites for online themed vacation booking and profiles of the principal social media and media-sharing sites (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Issue etc…).

The philosophy behind this project is the overcoming of the spasmodic search for “numbers” and statistics on a single site in favor of a wider objective: that which needs to increase is not the virtual visitors of a portal but rather real visitors to Basilicata.

Basilicata—in the eyes of today’s visitors, in travel réportages, in the impressions gathered by the artists, writers, and filmmakers who have known her—is a land frozen in time, that seems to challenge the laws of the gravity of history, a curious mélange of ancient and modern, a kaleidoscope of landscapes and environments, whose character is essentially that of poetry.



Bookassist partner with hotels to build their hotel brand online, to drive direct business to their branded websites, to make sure they capture more direct bookings with our world class booking technology, and to help them optimize their online distribution so they grow their margin per booking.



Boraso.com is one of the most consolidate Internet Marketing enterprise in Italy: we have been working in this market since 1995, realizing hundreds of strategic projects with an outstanding return on investment for SMEs and large Companies (B2B and B2C).
Our team is made up of 40 professionals who work togheter with great passion and ongoing training. The main headquarters is based in Milan and we also have offices in Veneto and Emilia Romagna, sharing different locations with international partner.
This network allows us to support the Italian Companies that want to grow up outside of their confines, creating effective international activities of Internet Marketing.
Boraso.com is also vocational training and business education with its Boraso.com Academy, which achieve training sessions and refresher courses to all that want to do digital marketing with professionalism, concreteness and effectiveness.


Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels International is one of the largest lodging franchisors in the world with more than 6,300 hotels, representing more than 500,000 rooms, in over 30 other countries and territories. With nearly 500 hotels across Europe under the Comfort™, Quality™ and Clarion® brands, Choice Hotels Europe™ franchises 20 hotels in Italy.
Choice Hotels International offers the Choice Privileges® rewards program. With more than 20 million members worldwide, is one of the fastest growing hotel loyalty programs in the travel industry.



Connectis presents the “Leonardo Project”: a new concept of ICT for tourism that offers innovative solutions for the information of tourists and citizens with official media channels. Automatic Information Offices H24, mobile devices, interactive proximity tools, are just some of the proposals of “Leonardo” to the world of official tourism. Connectis collaborates since 1999 with public institutions for the management of official tourism databases and develops web-based applications for the management of portals of the Public Administration and private companies. Connectis created the web-platform for online booking of the Tuscany Regional Government. Connectis has a long experience in the development of information systems for public bodies in charge of Tourism Promotion in Tuscany. Many other public and private organizations throughout Italy are using Connectis’ systems for the promotion worldwide of accommodation facilities and of the national cultural heritage.


ECV Group

Great accommodation, dining and above all, a memorable experience: that’s what ECV Group is all about… Many possibilities, one mission: to put a smile on the face of every guest.

The ECV Group Brand.
ECV, with camping villages in Italy being the core business are a leader in their field with campsites and villages in Venice, Lake Garda, Florence, Chianti, San Vincenzo and Rome.
PLUS Hostels is the group’s younger brand with luxury hostels for travelers of all ages based in the heart of Prague, Berlin, Venice, Florence and Rome.
The ECV Group also comprises of the Mercato Centrale, Otel Variete and many other restaurants across Florence, as well as Villa La Palagina, a hotel and restaurant in Tuscany. The ECV Group also comprises of ELLE Vacanze a tour operator with more than 1,000 mobile homes in the most beautiful Camping villages in Italy.



eRevMax provides next generation distribution management solution, LIVE, a responsive web platform, that allows hoteliers to manage their business and make decisions based upon proactive business intelligence.

The eRevMax LIVE platform incorporates the RateTiger and Connect product sets, and merges detailed Competitor Intelligence & Business Analytics with traditional Channel Management through secure XML connections. The platform provides seamless rate & inventory updates coordinated with booking delivery to third party hotel systems.
The Analytics module provides real-time visibility into group and property level business performance helping hotels measure and improve key metrics including booking production, pace and compliance to strategic business plans.

eRevMax helps over 20,000 hotels to increase revenue, streamline business processes and reduce booking acquisition cost.

For more details, please visit www.erevmax.com or write to marketing@erevmax.com.


Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna region: the ultimate Italy.
The best Italian produce and the quintessential ‘Dolce vita’ way of life epitomise theEmilia Romagna region, located in the heart of Italy to the north of Florence and south of Milan. The region is easy to reach as there are three international airports: Bologna, Parma and Rimini.
The region boasts 10 towns, renowned for their art, culture and UNESCO world heritage sites; the unblemished landscapes of the Apennine Mountains and Po River Delta with their national and regional parks; the Motor Valley with its Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini factories, the finest sport & spa facilities, as well as family fun all along the 110 km coastline of the Adriatic Riviera. Last but not least, it offers great shopping with brands including Max Mara, Sergio Rossi, Alberta Ferretti and Pollini.
Emilia Romagna is home to the world’s best food and drink – including Parma ham,Balsamic vinegar, Parmigiano reggiano cheese, fresh home-made pasta, and Gotturnio and Pignoletto wines. You can visit a vinegar house and learn the secrets of the traditional product, enjoy “piadina” which is
the best of the region’s street food, buy delicacies in lively markets and even visit museums devoted to food.

Genuine Italy at its best.



ETOA is the leading trade association for tour operators and suppliers with business in European destinations. Over 700 members contribute more than €12bn of business within Europe and include tour and online operators, intermediaries and wholesalers; European tourist boards, hotels, attractions and other tourism suppliers.
ETOA offers an unparalleled networking/contracting platform for tourism professionals organising B2B events (City Fair, GEM, HEM). The organisation provides representation at a European and national level, high profile industry campaigns and B2B marketing opportunities; all in order to promote Europe as the world’s number one tourism destination.



Expomeeting is a company qualified to provide technical services, multimedia applications and web-oriented solutions for the conference sector. Taking the advantage of 27 years of experience in this industry, it supports the meetings and events coordination providing technical facilities and audio visual equipments.

The company is currently engaged in the development of web-oriented services specifically for the MICE sector (meetings, industry, conference, events) such as audio and video podcasting , streaming, distance learning platforms and online surveys and questionnaires.

CORE Network is one of the first business networks focused on tourism in Italy. It is composed by entrepreneurs and professionals who have decided to collaborate to plan innovative ideas in multiple sectors: communication, promotion, marketing and tourism development.
The 30 companies that joined the CORE Network work directly or indirectly with tourism. Characterized by a high level of innovation of products and services, they agree a common program based on the following activities:
• Design, development and promotion of tourism products and services
• Development of relationships between tourism supply and demand in foreign markets
• Participation in events and public tenders
• Training of tourist operators
• Planning of tourist communication projects, digital storytelling and social media




Evols is an Italian company, chosen by more than 1000 customers across the country, specialized on hospitality software.
The company offers to hospitality operators a complete answer to the needs of technological renovation, thanks to a wide range of skills, experience and solutions, with the advantage of always dealing with a single supplier.

Nuconga: is a single integrated, multilingual, multiproperty platform for all facility’s functional areas, based on industrial logic and dedicated to hotel companies and independent hotels dedicated to both promoting sales and containing costs.
Web Hotel: is the first solution completely based on a Web platform, entirely accessible via the Internet and highly oriented towards online booking. This software solution represents the perfect property management system for those in search of a flexible, innovative and cost-effective management tool.
Figaro HDT: is the operational tool designed to help hotel managers updating rates and availability on online booking portals, now available in the new version even more simple and powerful. Figaro Suite also includes solutions for managing their own website booking, booking through the GDS, monitoring competitors pricing policies, managing their own brand reputation in a quick and simple way.
RammaR: is a multilingual virtual concierge which can handle all activities of the reception: reservations, check-in, check-out, providing information, etc. RammaR is able to interact with the user, as well as through the voice than by using touch screen or keyboard.
RadiHotel: is the first music service dedicated to the high profile Hotel industry. By providing personalized music, RadiHotel is a service that offers hospitality professionals the chance to improve the way they welcome their guests and promote their brand, in a simple, elegant and non-invasive manner.
Pythia: is the tourism observatory supporting the Destination Reputation management and Revenue Management. Pythia is able to offer real time high added value information not only in final balance but also for the forecast

The wide range of solutions provided by Evols includes also specialized consulting services, cloud solutions, website creation, consulting services in SEO & SMO field, software for catering and retail companies, as well as advanced CRM tools.
The products of Evols ensure the absolute best in terms of modularity and flexibility, allowing the client to amortize their investments over time, as well as to map out their business development path with our full support.



GeCo Srl was created by joining the marketing proficiencies, sales promotion capabilities and experience in hotel management of VIVAHOTEL – a hotel management company – with the expertise of other companies and individuals specialized in the different areas of the Hospitality Industry.
GECO S.r.l. is specialized in:


Optimized management of the Internet Distribution Systems (online travel agencies), revenue management and maximization of the induced visibility.

Sales development via traditional and electronic distribution channels in accordance with the characteristics of the property.

Website realization and promotion of the web identity.


Strategic, marketing and operational consultancy, analysis of the property/organization needs, creation of dedicated action plans, and their execution.

A complete analysis of the hotel to achieve competitiveness and the maximum possible efficiency on the cost and revenue areas.

Support and coaching of the hotel management via management contract or assistance contract.

Direct management of hotels and resorts.

Analysis of hotels and resorts projects
Business Plan formulation
Planning support


G&M Network

G&M Network Srl, since 2009, projects and develops web technologies and digital marketing strategies for companies and public administrations that trust in the potentials of the network, invest in sharing of knowledge and make open innovation. G&M Network is specialized in participatory platforms and content marketing, especially in tourism field where it projects and implements:
– strategies and management of brand reputation
– Social media strategies
– Portals and website for promo-marketing of touristic destination
– Website and blog for tour operator
– Web based application
– Courses and formative events on digital marketing, online PR and social media strategies

G&M Network Srl is the technological core of Studio Giaccardi & Associati – Management Consultant (Ravenna-Sassari) specialized in strategies, economics research, internationalization, marketing, communication and company coaching.



GestioneAlbergo is not a simple software house, but it’s the only one able to provide all the solutions for hospitality.

GestioneAlbergo develops and sells a complete package of software solutions and services like PMS, rate allocator, booking-engine, web-sites; GestioneAlbergo represents the ideal partner for the hotel: the e-commerce area (online revenue, web marketing, web reputation and social networks) completes the management area (front office and back office, accounting and revenue analysis).


GP Dati

GP Dati Hotel Service SpA is a leading company in the business of software and services for hotels, with around 1,000 systems currently installed in Italy and Europe.
Headquartered in Venice, GP Dati Hotel Service was founded in 1981, as part of GP Pellegrini Group, with the mission of designing and developing software applications for companies in the hotel industry.
Our team’s experience and the company’s vocation for technological innovation has always enabled us to provide multiple specialized skills, ensuring the highest levels of performance for our clients.

Scrigno – more than just a PMS
Scrigno is a web-based suite designed to provide hotel management with a unique management system for all the strategic areas of a hospitality company. The value of Scrigno lies in its use of just one single, centralized database for all its applications.
The objective is to coherently acquire data from all the transactions made in the operative departments: marketing can profile the customer base, launch focused promotional campaigns and process feedback; sales can maximize profits using all the distribution channels; and administration and control can monitor the business performances with accurate management control.
All this is achieved by exploiting the streamlined, high-performance and secure infrastructure.
Scrigno can be accessed in many ways due to its cloud solution: fully web-based and usable with tablet PCs, it has a modular, scalable structure and, thanks to the hosting formula, guarantees high levels of security in regard to data and privacy. This eliminates the need for investments in hardware, and ensures high performance and a system that is always up-to date.
Developed on an Oracle platform, Scrigno is now available in the ‘software as a service’ formula that permits the use of GP Dati’s advanced software applications as if it were a set of services paid-for on the basis of effective use.

Hotel-LAB.com – web & consulting division
Thanks to the hotel-LAB.com business unit, GP Dati offers strategic support for consulting and web projects.
hotel-LAB.com is skilled in technological solutions and strategies for online sales and digital marketing.
hotel-LAB cutting edge product is the new online booking that innovatively integrates a CMS (content management system) with a booking engine.
Fully integrated through web services it is conceived to maximize conversion rate thanks to a very smooth usability and great user experience:, it allows a more accurate and elegant presentation of the contents, and a customizable layout, coherent with the look & feel of the hotel web site and under its domain name.
The booking engine is also fully integrated into the Scrigno management suite, with the advantage that bookings, availability and rates are managed in real time by the PMS (Property Management System).
hotel-LAB.com provides also web site projects, SEO, web & social marketing strategies.


GT Idea

GT Idea is a company working in the field of Online Marketing since 2007. This effort is implemented on three different fronts: education, research and networking, consulting.
The work in the Education Sector implicates the organization of an annual tour of events, mostly free, aimed at spreading throughout Italy, the culture, the concepts, techniques and strategies of web marketing. The three most important events in the training program built by GT Idea are the National Congress on Search Marketing, the Web Marketing Festival and Social Media Strategies “. GT Idea also works since 2007 with training events dedicated to online marketing for Tourism, offering consulting services dedicated to this area. The sector of education works in accordance with public institutions, universities, and other entities that have proved over time to be sensitive to issues of innovation.
The Research and Consulting Sector is closely related to that Education Sector. GT Idea is the owner, in fact, of both Forum GT, the largest and most recognized Italian community dedicated to Web Marketing, and GT Magazine giorgiotave.it.
Finally, the company carries out Consulting Services designed to optimize the digital assets of companies and brands by studying and implementing web marketing strategies designed specifically for each client with a large experience in the touristic sector.



HOXELL is an innovative online platform interacting between two main actors of the hotel “Guest Experience”: guest and staff. It was born from a working team in Lugano (Switzerland) and from the plurennial experience of a hotelier family. HOXELL is an indispensable help for all receptive structures, that want to distinguish themselves thanks to an even more attentive and personalized service for their guests.

Thanks to the automatic synchronized system having the hotelier PMS and the data import regarding the booking, the system offers more than 300 features, from the dispatch of personalized emails to the guest (before and after the stay), to the communication of urgent breakdowns in the room, all the information are shared in real time with every department (Booking Centre, Reception, Housekeeping, Maintenance e Food & Beverage) improving the efficiency and optimizing the operative costs.

Another feature of the platform, which makes it nowadays unique on an International level, is the possibility given to the guests to personalize their stay through their MyPage, always guaranteeing a unique and custom-made stay. From the online check-in before the arrival, to the choice of the room temperature, the cushion typology, the minibar drinks, museums and shows entry tickets to live better the town…many are the possibilities of personalization depending on the room typology or from the duration of the stay.


Instagramers Italia

Instagramers Italy is the Italian community of fans of Instagram and mobile photography. It is part of the worldwide community of Instagramers. It has been a non-profit association since March 2013.



Iperbooking has been developed based on iper.net’s enviable experience in the area of online booking.
Thanks to this booking engine’s innovative and responsive interface, with its unique integrated web/email marketing features like Smart Retargeting and Smart Mailing, our web booking system is rapidly attracting the attention of many hoteliers.
The channel manager is integrated with leading online booking portals and is certified by TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder (Holiday Ads) and Kayak. Come and see why it is easier to sell more with Iperbooking.



My-Costpar is the ideal tool for the Hotel Manager who wants to know and manage in a simple, clear and independent way costs and revenues of its business.
Planning, prediction and control of costs, revenues, payments and receipts make winning the comparison with the market, more and more aggressive, global and difficult to control.
The use of My-Costpar allows to reach goals in an easy way, without the need of “any” specific knowledge of accounting, business management and computer science.
The service is “designed” for each specific situation: the great flexibility of the solution allows to create, thanks to the stages of initial planting, the operating model that is best suited to the requirements and the needs expressed, without changing business models but introducing a fundamental successful item for the Hotel Manager daily activity.



Monti & Taft is a planning and consulting company active in the cultural and tourism field.
Established in 2002, Monti & Taft offers a wide and varied range of integrated services that include the development of management plans, the study of innovative models of governance, the development of impact studies and researches on emerging cultural phenomena, the scientific coordination of events and activities, technical assistance for participation in calls of national and international relevance. Oriented towards a constant evolution, we develop our projects with the strategic and operational contribution of the several elements that are part of our group. This allows us to operate in all areas that define the cultural system – from museums to new technologies, from tourism to education – and to achieve economic and financial analysis, feasibility studies, monitoring and evaluation systems, projects of tourism and territorial valorisation, destination management strategies, marketing and communications plans, fundraising activities, training programs of excellence.



Net7 Srl is an Italian ICT SME founded in 2001. Its business is strongly oriented to the design and development of applications based on Open Source software. Net7 is partner of several national and European research projects.
In particular Net7 Srl has developed applications oriented to the territorial promotion and marketing, based on the platform Network +. These applications are based on a social collaboration platform that reproduces the dynamics of social networks, allowing the creation of a community that share specific and varied interests in a simple and effective way to activate a process of territorial promotion. The tight integration both with social networks and open data sources, broadens the scope of communication so as to allow the multiplication of contacts and to enlarge the distribution of content published. Integration with e-commerce and on-line booking environments completes the suite.



We offer consultancy and web marketing solutions aiming to make your Official Website the main distribution channel in terms of profitability.
Since 1996 we support hotel managers by providing tailored solutions to improve their online direct sales results. We help hospitality industry players to manage their key online exposure channels through the ATTRACT > CONVERT > SHARE approach. This approach consists in covering the traveler’s most frequently used booking channels and tools; employ these channels and tools to their full potential so to attract the most qualified visitors to your Official Website; increase conversion and make your guests your first ambassador.

– Meta-Search Advertising
– Search Engine Advertising
– Remarketing

– High Performing Booking Engine
– Mulitidevice CMS
– Emotional Web Design & Landing Pages

– Social Media Marketing
– Reputation Management
– Brand Advocacy



Oscar is an innovative software platform that has evolved over the years thanks to the valuable contribution of many hoteliers and which conceives WiFi as a “means of communication” through which a hotel is able to communicate with its guests and vice versa.
The key points of the package are the following: sociability, customer profiling, local offers and upselling services, brand monitoring and an “emotions diffuser”.
Designed to be of service to the customer, the platform “speaks” 8 languages including Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian and allows “Social Login” to 13 social networks. The classics – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – have recently been joined by Chinese sites QQ, Weibo, Tencent, Renren as well as the Russian site VKontacte.
Simple and very flexible both in implementation and use, the system is currently operating in about 500 accommodation facilities of various types throughout Italy.
Oscar WiFi is developed and distributed by InWYA.


Parity Rate

Parity Rate “Channel Manager” update all your online rates and availability with one click.
Some of the main benefits are: one login, minimise errors, monitors competitors rates, drive online revenue, no software to download and smartphone accessible.
A further product is the “2 Ways Distribution Manager” which completes the range to meet the technological requirements and management of each type of Hotel.
A winning combination based also on a fast and qualified assistance which has led the company to enter forcefully in the Italian market and since 2009 in the overseas market.



Software solutions for tourism.

Pavoneggi is an online marketing company specializing in services for the tourism sector, which represents the meeting point between two exciting realities in Sardinia: F.A. Travel Srl, one of the largest incoming operators in Sardinia specialized in organizing meetings, incentives, congresses and events, and Softfobia Srl, an IBTC (Internet Business Solution Company) which designs and develops innovative web solutions for businesses.

The excellent know-how and experience of its team has enabled Pavoneggi to:
– develop marketing strategies specifically dedicated to the tourism sector;
– develop graphic and trade concepts based on neuro-marketing and UX (User Experience);
– define strategies and concept in the creation of websites properly placed on the market (SEO, SEM. Social Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing).
– create software solutions in order to enable small and medium-sized OTA to manage and optimize the entire workflow of all internal departments.



PriceMatch is an innovative start-up providing bespoke revenue management solutions to hotels. Using data mining (competitors’ prices, historical demand, flight prices, e-reputation, weather forecasts, pick-up) and advanced econometric tools, we create algorithms predicting future demand and enabling hoteliers to set the right price at the right time. Our system is very easy to install and to use.

PriceMatch helps hotels manage their pricing strategy. Our different products address the different needs of hoteliers: from our top-notch rate shopping tool (multi-sources, 400d time horizon, live update, email alerts, unlimited competitors, aggregated demand forecasting) to our advanced revenue management platform. Our award winning revenue management platform was designed for hoteliers and revenue managers, and features an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use interface, accurate and transparent forecasts and recommendations, and is supported by our team of helpful and proactive revenue managers.


Progetto Dante

Digital Agenda for New Tourism Approach in European Rural and Mountain Areas.
Tourism already plays a great role and is the main economic sector in some rural and mountain areas. Its place can be further enhanced in all rural and mountain regions if supported by access to information and communication technologies (ICT), the driver of the knowledge economy. Currently, adoption of ICT applications in SMEs and in mountain and rural territories remains relatively low. DANTE aims to promote a new regional policy approach to design a knowledge-based plan for the tourism sector.

DANTE will:
– Improve the effectiveness of regional policies in the area of innovation
– Enhance the role of ICT in tourism industry in rural and mountain areas
– Promote a knowledge sharing process through an Interregional European cooperaton framework
To reach its objectives, the project optimises innovative good practices that demonstrate the benefits of Information Society for competitiveness of the tourism sector in disadvantaged areas.


Regione Abruzzo

Region Abruzzo will take part in VII edition of BTO in Florence on 2nd and 3rd of December 2014.
The presence of our institutional organisation is important as a part of the strategy of “presence on and offline” of the touristic Destination Abruzzo, to make wider the knowledge of Abruzzo, the Europe’s green region, with three national and one regional park (the National Park of Abruzzo is the oldest in Italy)and more than twenty WWF Oasis and natural reserves.
In Abruzzo we can admire the highest peak of Appenines (the Corno Grande), that reaches almost 3000 mt high and the most southern glacier in Europe.
The region has a 130 km coastline, with wide and sandy coast in the northern part and more irregular in the south; along the coast there are important touristic project as #wifitocoast and the #biketocoast.


Regione Lazio

Regione Lazio is committed, with the Regional Agency for Tourism, to lead the evolution of its territory to an industry of experience and creativity capable of transforming the purpose of a trip in land development and wealth for businesses.
Its presence at the seventh edition of BTO means to encourage the participation of those Tour Operators in Lazio interested in the most challenging trends of tourism, in order to provide them with an opportunity to upgrade, training and sharing innovative actions for the promotion of tourism in Lazio. Regione Lazio will have its own institutional stand and two slots for specific training sessions, taught by experts, as part of the interactive workshops called “toolboxes”.


Regione Puglia

Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, sits between two seas: the Adriatic to the East and the Ionian to the south. This strategic position, combined with more than 800 kilometers of beautiful coast-line, has shaped the region’s history and development. Puglia is known as the natural Italian gate to the East of the Mediterranean area.
A landscape made of green rolling hills showcases small historical towns surrounded by lush green olive groves and vineyards. Miles of coastline alternate little harbors with fortresses and lighthouses to white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Puglia is a region which combines ancient traditions with modern lifestyle. The warm hospitality of the people from Puglia make visitors feel at home.

By plane: Puglia International Airports of Bari and Brindisi are directly connected with the International hubs of Rome, Milan, Munich and Zurich and with the cities of Berlin, Barcelona, Bruxelles, Budapest, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Karlsruhe, London, Moscow, Prague, Paris, Riga, Stuttgart and, Warsaw.
By train: High-speed railway – Eurostar – connections with Rome (4 hours). Local trains connect major cities with most of the regional.
By car & motorcycle: In Puglia there is an excellent network of Highways and National Roads connecting the region’s north and south with the main cities of south and centre Italy. Rome 430 km, Naples 260 km, Bologna 670 km.
By bus: There are daily services from Rome, Boulogne and Milan to Foggia, Bari, Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto.
Bus services in Puglia are provided by a variety of companies and it is possible to get to any regional location.
By ferry: Direct car/passenger ferries connects Bari and Brindisi ports with Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.
Cruises: Bari is part of the cruise ship itineraries of some of the most important companies of the Mediterranean.

Find out more information about Puglia on the official websites
viaggiareinpuglia.it, the regional tourism site;
weareinpuglia.it, the regional site for international promotion;
pugliaevents.it, the official portal of the events;
agenziapugliapromozione.it, DMS – Destination Management System a platform through which the regional tourism system can plan promotional activities on tourism, to create the profile of your company and promote the activities offered through different promotion channels (trade shows, events and workshops).



RES Hospitality Business Developers is the leading Italian accommodation industry market intelligence provider.
Established in 2000, RES is the sole Italian business partner of STR Global – the authority in hospitality data – and TrustYou – the standard for reputation – based on VERIFIED REVIEWS, adopted in Switzerland, Ireland and Canada as national UGC standard.
In 14 years, RES matured a consistent knowledge developing a detailed qualitative and quantitative profile of the hospitality offer nationwide.
RES database consists of 28.000 hotels and through STR Global monitors 38 destinations nationwide, providing services to over 1.000 clients in various form:
AICA – Italian Hotel Chains Association – Performance Observatory
28 local Hotel Performance Barometers, some of which in conjunction with Chamber of Commerce, Institutions and EBIT.
Thanks to Federalberghi endorsement since January 18 2014, RES data are part of the standard parameters used in monitoring CCNL Tourism trends.
In conjunction with Federalberghi and financed by Turin Chamber of Commerce, RES established the first “Integrated Hospitality Barometer“, combining qualitative and quantitative KPI, and is spreading its successful model nationwide.
EXPLORA utilizes TrustYou for qualifying members of “ Club di Prodotto” UGC guarantee to EXPO 2015 visitors.
Years of experience and deep knowledge of the Italian hospitality sector, combined with the most advanced and reliable monitoring tools, make RES a key intelligence supplier for operators and investors interested in evaluating new business opportunities in the Italian accommodation market.



ReviewPro, winner of PhoCusWright’s Best Emerging Technology Innovation Award and data partner to the Cornell University School of Hotel Management, helps hoteliers and restaurateurs to increase guest satisfaction and grow revenue by proactively managing and improving their online reputation.
The company’s suite of web-based tools, including the Revenue Optimizer, Advanced Guest Satisfaction Survey solution and Hotel Analysis Reports, provide the analysis, customer intelligence, competitive benchmarking and reporting needed to help hospitality professionals maximize their organization’s performance.
A renowned leader in data coverage and quality, ReviewPro aggregates hundreds of millions of reviews in 40+ languages from more than 100 review sites, online travel agencies (OTAs) & all major social media platforms and today ReviewPro’s Global Review Index™ is the recognized industry standard for online reputation measurement.
Founded in 2008, the company has thousands of clients in over 90 countries, including Meliá Hotels International, Cosmopolitan Hotels Group, Una Hotels & Resorts, Royal Group Hotels & Resorts and Bettoja Hotels.


Serenissima Informatica

Management software and services for the Hospitality.
The quality of customer service and technological innovation are the values that inspire our long presence in the world of Information and Communication Technology. Thanks to continuous investment in human resources and technology we are an efficient, flexible, structured and certified organization with a team of over one hundred professionals and consultants trained in the Hospitality business processes. With offices in Padua and Barcelona (E) and international partnerships we are leading players in the sector of global hospitality management solutions, offering international solutions as protel PMS, iSelz POS, Hotel Back Office for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Reservation Assistant. We have introduced in Italy the first computerized hotel management systems, developed the first Italian software for hotel back office with the Uniform System of Accounts Reporting and today we continue to work with the best international partners, to study methods and processes to develop the most modern management systems. We look to the future and we are leaders in Cloud computing, Hosting, Mobility, Apps, Social CRM and Data Discovery. Every day we work side by side with our customers because the success of an information system depends on the quality of the software but even more by the quality of the people, the planning, the management consultancy, project management and training.


Startup Tourism Association

The Startup Tourism Association was founded in 2013 to bring together the best Tourism and Culture startups. It promotes creativity and innovation and supports the growth of digital startups on favour of the tourism economy development in Italy. The Association facilitates interaction and collaboration among its partners in order to create added value and generate opportunities from the sharing of experiences.



The Sicilian Department of Tourism once again to the BTO.
We participate with 30 tour Sicilian operators and together we listen, we learn, we will take ideas to do better in the complex world of Travel 2.0.
We already know that only by developing the knowledge of the tools we can improve our performance and promote our Sicily on the web.


Sysdat Turismo

Sysdat Turismo Spa is more than 35 years as one of major companies in the field of Information Technology in Italian territory.

More than 1500 installations and more than 100 employees specialized in providing optimum services and customer care are the power of Sysdat Turismo.

Steadily updated and continuously developed has obtained one of the highest positions with its global 360° solutions starts from the PMS to Web Solution, Accounting management, food and beverage management and human resource administration are fully interfaced with advanced Business intelligent systems.

With Hardware devices of the whole infrastructure technology of the property form a complete turnkey offer.

A unique supplier that gathers all the necessary information to help the property to enhance and optimize future sales strategies.


VacanzeAnimali.it – VacanzeconBimbi.it

VACANZEANIMALI.IT with more than 10 million page views per year and a constant presence at the top of the Search Engines, is the reference portal for pet-friendly accommodation Tourism in Italy to 4 Paws.
Visitors can contact more than 6,000 Farmhouses, Hotels, Resorts, Campgrounds, Restaurants, Beaches, and other facilities that accept dogs and other animals.
Even on the road, thanks to a brand new version of Mobile and Free Apps for iPhone and Android in a few minutes you can organize holidays with your furry friends.

VACANZECONBIMBI.IT is the website of choice for thousands of families to better organize holidays with their children throughout Italy by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or in the cities of art.
Search through thousands of tourist facilities and accommodation with specific services for children and infants; a special section devoted to teaching farms as well as many travel ideas is also present.
The colorful version of the site for Smartphones and Apps for iOS and Android, allowing easy navigation on-the-go.



Valgarda offers a rental service with free care equipment for dispensing hot and cold drinks, jams, yogurt and pancakes for breakfast in the hotel and accommodation in general. Since 1989 Valgarda is together with his customers for organization and optimization of breakfast over the whole national territory.

Aware of importance that breakfast is taking in the living room of each customer, the company is committed to providing high level breakfast solutions satisfying every kind of customer and making easier the job for the operator involved in the service. Through the rental with free support formula, raises his customer from having to support investment for the purchase of equipment, limiting the cost of the product the real cost of the service.

Always among the market leaders in the proposed vending machines for drinks, Valgarda completed the range of services with a exclusive items offered: the dispenser of jams, honey and hazelnut cream that reduces waste and costs, winking environment and quality, the fabulous honeycomb that brings the “pure nature” over the most beautiful buffets, the distributor of natural yogurt which allows to propose a delicate product like yogurt without any contraindications and now the first and only machine in the world for making pancakes expressed at breakfast.

Valgarda… your breakfast solutions.



Vivafirenze.it was born as a practical application of the philosophy Life Beyond Tourism with an aim to bring into the world of travelling an innovative model that enables the guests of Florence to get more from their visit of the city. It is the first portal that combines hotel reservation with fundraising in seamless and integrated services, in order to support local non-profit organizations. By booking one of the accommodations of Vivafirenze.it, the guest helps to sustain, at no additional cost, one of the project for taking care of the heritage of Florence.
Our objective is simple: to create sustainable travel services that involve visitors into the care and preservation of Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1982, for present and future generations.
The portal, with new design and management platform, contains hundreds of structures in Florence and its surroundings with hotels of all categories, B&B, apartments, residences, hostels, holiday homes, apartments and historic houses.
We offer favorable conditions of affiliation, as well as an opportunity to take part in a process of re-investment in the city’s heritage, the main driver of tourism for the city. Vivafirenze.it represents a commercial path in a cultural context and provides an answer to the question of change that is arriving into the world of tourism.


Vivere di Turismo

The course called VIVERE DI TURISMO, which means “ Living from Tourism” is aimed to operators from the “non-hotel accommodations tourist sector, B&B’s managers, residences, farm holidays, tourist homes, businessmen, real estate investors who wish to obtain an economic success and the best from their company.

VIVERE DI TURISMO, « Living from Tourism » is the one and only course in a lecture hall that teaches the job of non-hotel accommodations businessman. Directly taught by people who have been through the experience.

So that the most banal mistakes, the ones that brings to failure after a few months, can be avoid. No theory, only practical, concrete and tangible results, you are not abandoned to yourself but we will give you all the support to build your SUCCESSFUL TOURISTIC BUSINESS following you up in the realisation of it !

In two days time, you will learn the techniques to organize your resources and have your rooms ALWAYS rented at the BEST price.

You will solve IN ADVANCE all the matters,obstacles and risks, even the unknown ones of this activity sector !

Next edition : Florence, December the 4th and 5th 2014


Zeppelin Group

Zeppelin Group is a company specializing in Internet marketing solutions. Our mission is to lead our clients toward a successful digital communication, guiding them in project development and the creation of Internet solutions. Our success is based on our core competences: marketing and technology.
We have more than 15 years of experience in the tourism sector. With a specialized division we support hotel chains and clubs, four and five star hotels, tourism organizations and tour operators. Our know-how and our services in brief:
– Development of strategies in web marketing and digital branding
– Design and creation of conversion oriented websites
– Scheduling and implementation of performance oriented web marketing actions (SEA, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.)
– Integration of platforms for the management of online sales (CRM, newsletter tool, ReGuest)

We don’t want our clients to be just visible on the Internet, we want them to feel like Rock Stars on the stage.