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Ouverture: interview with Beppe Severgnini

In Italian

BTO 2014 opens with the author of “La vita è un viaggio” (“Life is a journey”) – the book that was made into a theatrical performance – on Italy’s current situation, its anxieties and its possibilities.
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Beppe Severgnini
Editorialist at Corriere della Sera
Contributing opinion writer The New York Times

Interview with Beppe:
Giancarlo Carniani
Scientific Director and artistic concept BTO 2014
Roberta Milano
Co-founder BTO Educational
Scientific Programme BTO 2014


Communication: the innovation of Universal Design

Applying the principles of Universal Design to Communication and Information – which, as it’s accessible, must be designed for everyone – means cutting across language barriers to reach new forms of universal communication. Universal communication is the theme of the future which, thanks to technology, will bring guests even closer and will be able to.. Read more »


Tourism for the under 30s, as seen through social networks. Exclusive research for the BTO 2014 public, from Studio Giaccardi & Associates and G&M Network Srl. Today, young people under 30 are tourists or, increasingly, travellers who have a complex system of tools, content, proposals and opportunities profoundly different from those available just a decade.. Read more »

Retargeting? Is the window of opportunity about to close?

What is Retargeting, on what digital platforms can it be activated, the advantages and disadvantages of its use for a hotel or a hotel chain. Operational aspects: activating a retargeting campaign and defining a creative message that produces value – not noise – for the user. From Retargeting to Prospecting: how to set up an.. Read more »

Tecnologia dell’infornazione

On one side creativity and art, on the other, science, technology, old and new “machinery”. An ancient debate between man and technology, which we can apply to food and travel. In the footsteps of intellectuals who for decades have placed the figure of the master craftsman at the centre of “machine civilisation” as a figure.. Read more »


Josiah Mackenzie: Opportunities from Interconnectivity

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Josiah Mackenzie returns to BTO with a speech dedicated to the “internet of things”.

At the end of his speech, Josiah will be interviewed by Pedro Colaco.Read more »

Josiah Mackenzie
Director of Business Development, ReviewPro

Interview by:
Pedro Colaco
Founder GuestCentric

Gigi Tagliapietra: interplay, miracles that are repeated

After his resounding success at the 2013 edition, which saw audiences in the VISIONS Hall excited by his “Io ci SUono”, Gigi Tagliapietra returns to the Fortezza da Basso with “INTERPLAY, miracles that are repeated.” Participate, innovate, collaborate: how can one lead an organization in which people have to do “the right thing”, more out.. Read more »

In Italian

Alessandra Farabegoli: write something for me that I want to read

Email Marketing human to human. The author of “Sopravvivere alle informazioni su Internet – rimedi all’information overload” (“Surviving the information on the Internet – information overload remedies”, “Email Marketing con MailChimp”, (“Email Marketing with MailChimp”), the first manual in Italian on one of the most popular mailing services, and “Email marketing in pratica” (“Email Marketing.. Read more »

Google Analytics: everything you need to know to monitor the results of your web marketing and hospitality strategy

What are the most profitable online channels for me? How much is my website earning? How can I keep an eye on the revenue from my campaigns? All this, and much more besides. A little theory and plenty of practise. Installation, configuration and optimization of Google Analytics to track and monitor the results of web.. Read more »

Hotel Meta Search: the new frontier to shift shares from OTAs?

What does Meta Search mean for independent hotels? Why it’s been becoming so popular in the hotel industry in the last months? Which benefits for hotels by participating these platforms? Should hotels be looking at it as a marketing channel or more a distribution channel? This training session will address all these questions and will.. Read more »

Web Marketing is the Booking Engine’s fuel

Find out how to turbocharge your Hotel! Search Engine Marketing, TripConnect, Google Hotel Finder (HPA), Retargeting, Marketing Automation; discover innovative marketing tools to achieve more bookings and become more efficient. This lecture reveals the components of a complete modern Web Marketing Strategy for hotels, in a clear, immediate manner, with reference to real case studies.Read more »

In Italian


In English [with simultaneous translation]

Philip Wolf moderates a Round Table dedicated to the world of MetaSearch: Kayak, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and trivago in a unique discussion for BTO 2014’s public.
Kayak LogoSkyscanner LogoTripAdvisor Logotrivago Logo
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Introduction, moderation and conclusions
Philip Wolf
Founder PhoCusWright ®

In the Round Table
Brett Halford
Head of CPC Sales – South EMEA Tripadvisor
Sydney Burdick
Global Communication trivago
Gurhan Karaagac
Country manager Italia Kayak
Filippo De Matteis
Marketing manager Italia Skyscanner

The E015 ecosystem and the concept of Coopetition

Alfonso Fuggetta [CEO, Cifriel], accompanied by the master technologist Gigi Tagliapietra. Every day we repeat that we have to “work together”: businesses with other businesses, businesses with government agencies, and government agencies with other government agencies. It seems an obvious concept, but in reality it does not happen often, and when it does, it is.. Read more »

Gianluca Diegoli: can you do without OTAs?

After missing the 2013 edition, Gianluca Diegoli [minimarketing] is back at BTO, joined by Camilla Formisano with “storytelling on blogs and social media: is it really needed?” A practical formula for understanding whether or not disintermediation is worthwhile. Deciding on an online sales strategy, analyzed agnostically, by means of a number of parameters that can.. Read more »

Prince Brazil: the brazilian traveller and the perception of our country, beginning with Veneto as a destination

From the starting point of a study carried out by CISET – the International Centre for Studies on the Tourist Economy – for the Veneto Region, on the perceptions of Brazilian tourists to the destination, a wider analysis of the Brazilian market.Read more » doing business in Italy, creativity or luck?, Amadeus and TrustYou introduce to the public of the BTO how innovation technology is the driver of new successful business models and of revolutionary customer experiences. chooses the challenge of the innovation and together with Amadeus, a leading technology provider that changes the travel industry, develops a system that support an original winning.. Read more »

In Italian

Oscar: How to best “oversee” the WiFi channel for a Hotel

WiFi is now a primary requirement in an accommodation facility. It is therefore essential to have a functional solution to customer needs, as well as for the hotelkeeper. Oscar WiFi contains modules for: • acquisition and guests profiling • social engagement – monitoring customer satisfaction • upselling services / products • geoportal platform • monitoring.. Read more »

My Costpar: Cost control

Cost control is rarely used in hotel management: it can be defined the “Cinderella” of business activities that every manager uses to manage the hotel. The inadequate knowledge of this subject leads to wrong considerations about its benefits; also the concern of internal upheaval in the work environment is high. Actually every manager can improve.. Read more »


Strategic Vision of TripAdvisor

In English [with simultaneous translation]

In the EMIRATES Hall [VISIONI], after the panel discussion on MetaMegaSearches at 11:10 moderated by Philip Wolf, Helena Egan (Director of Industry Relations at TripAdvisor) will make her keynote speech, exclusively for BTO 2014’s attendees.
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Helena Egan
director, industry relations di TripAdvisor

The invention of teleportation

Conceiving and (re)designing technology services in an era of constant acceleration. Building on the recent changes introduced by smartphones and mobile applications, the talk puts forward some reflections on the challenges that the tourism industry (and customers!) are faced with, operating in a context of rapid technological change. With Marco Brambilla [CEO and co-founder of.. Read more »

Iabicus and Mgm: Valle Camonica tells its new story

Meet The Media Guru and the Valle Camonica Cultural District present an extraordinary territorial marketing project committed to digital narrative. After thousands of years of history, the rock carvings – the first Italian site to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site – are brought to life through a new contemporary narrative. The Web becomes.. Read more »

Innovation in Travel and Tourism

A brief introduction to explain the impact that we expect augmented reality to have, in the very near future, on procurement processes and usage experiences of products relating to the world of travel. We will showcase apps such as: 1. Currency exchange by voice recognition (name on Google Glass: Money conversion) 2. Augmented Reality ATM.. Read more »

Allianz Global Assistance: Booking Protection

A line of insurance products that Hotels / Holiday apartments / B&Bs / Campsites and other facilities can offer, and sell revenue shares with our company to their guests, both Italian and foreign, at the same time as booking their accommodation. Services include: Cancellation insurance (to protect the deposit or the cost of the entire.. Read more »

Attract > Convert > Share

Attract the most qualified in-bound visitors to your Official Website, maximize Conversion rate e make your guests your hotel first Ambassadors. This is the Marketing Strategy hospitality industry players must apply in order to be competitive online, aiming to make their direct sales channel their main source of bookings and profit. This is “The Next.. Read more »

Local Search Marketing: building an optimization strategy for local tourism markets. Understanding the psychology of the traveler/consumer to turn it into new customer

Local Search Marketing techniques play a key role in the promotion of tourism businesses. With the exponential growth of the use of the mobile is essential to invest the resources to maximize local visibility inside the web, integrating the strategies of Local Search and Digital Marketing into the Customer Journey paying attention to a path.. Read more »

Gestione Albergo: real time demand curve

How to apply the data from leading sources (googleanalytics, crm, etc.) to process your daily pricing. This speech discusses the traditional Demand Segmentation Model (phone request, e-mail request, check availability in the booking engine on the official site) and shows how to choose the best Internet room rate. In the main dashboard of the PMS.. Read more »

Stephen Kaufer, co-founder of TripAdvisor for BTO 2014

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Philip Wolf and Giancarlo Carniani’s interview with Stephen Kaufer [co-founder of TripAdvisor] from 12th November in Los Angeles, during the PhoCusWright® Conference.

An exclusive for BTO 2014.

stephen kaufer

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Stephen Kaufer
co-founder di TripAdvisor

Hanno intervistato Stephen durante la PhoCusWright® Conference a LA il 12 novembre
Philip Wolf
Founder PhoCusWright ®
Giancarlo Carniani
BTO 2014

Helena Egan
Director, industry relations TripAdvisor


Human to Human

Disintermediation or dehumanization?

What happened to the great stories that made our hospitality legendary throughout the world?

Meet the remaining storytellers of our industry, and discover that it is still possible to have tourism that is close to the individual, where relationships win over reviews.Read more »

Introduction, moderation and conclusions
Paolo Iabichino
Chief Creative Officer – Group Ogilvy & Mather Italy

In the Round Table
Michele Paonessa
President of Les Clefs D’Or
Leonardo Bruscagin
Chef Concierge ‘Four Seasons’ Milano
Vittorio Talvacchia
Chef Concierge ‘Excelsior Lido’ Venezia
Luca Chiesa
Chef Concierge ‘Belmond Splendido’ Portofino

Tripadvisor Instant Book: from promotion to commercialization of destinations

Instant booking will soon be available on the Italian market too, allowing hotels to be booked quickly and simply through TripAdvisor partners. Just as before, the user will make the booking directly with the hotel or its DMO/OTA partner, but without leaving the TripAdvisor site. Attending this session will show you how to promote and.. Read more »

In Italian

Miriam Bertoli: content makes the world go round

Miriam – our great friend and a speaker who is very much appreciated by the BTO public – has the honour of inaugurating, on the afternoon of Day ONE, #1 Focus Hall [TripAdvisor] with a Toolbox dedicated to the importance of content. Content makes the world go round: words, images, video, sounds and stories to.. Read more »

Hubcore – the online reservation system that enhances your promotion and marketing activities

30 years of experience in the tourism business at disposal of those who wish to start or improve their own online travel agency. Pavoneggi presents Hubcore: an innovative software that integrates the most important booking applications and management systems in one single control panel. This will allowe you to improve your promotion and marketing activities… Read more »

Hotel Photography

Tutorial on how to carry out a photo shoot in hotels. The most suitable type of photographer and what to specify in the quote. The visual concepts to improve your sales both on-line and off-line. Examples of how to photograph different types of hotels and their various departments. Ways of applying photographs to sites, OTA’s.. Read more »


Uber & Homeaway + Lago: Sharing of Things

“Even if we insist on thinking, ‘how beautiful the world once was, my lady’, the world will not stop changing” (Giuseppe Granieri)

Sharing Economy, firstly overturns the culture of consumption and then the culture of travel.

Something profound is happening – or rather, has already happened. However not all operators are aware of this change and its implications, hence the difficulty in dealing with it.

Collaborative consumption, which always existed, albeit as a simple utopian niche for hitchhikers, has become an industry due to economic, social and technological changes.

Disruption is the time when a new technology gives rise to a change in a particular activity and completely changes the previous business model.

It has always happened, but now it happens at very low cost and with great speed.
The moment of breakage, which has no negative sense, is followed by an evolution and the redefinition of the competitive scenario.

The growth of collaborative consumption relates, indeed, even to high-end consumers. Trust in strangers, the desire to travel like a local rather than a tourist, to share and communicate with the locals, these phenomena are growing and are intimately connected.

Today, when travelling, we want to feel “at home”, yes – but in other people’s homes, in other people’s lives. Travelling to change history, way of dressing, food, habits. And, perhaps, to become infected, to bring something home, this time our home.
People are increasingly at the centre of a transformation that digital does not create, but enables.

Keywords are: Mobile, Access, Sociality, Sustainability, Trust, Reputation, Experience.

Professions change along with changing behaviours.

Travel changes, the relationship with objects and places changes, communication changes radically, at least when it is effective communication.

In tourism, we are going through this change with a certain fear that prevents us from grasping the opportunities.

Mind the Gap: also in this case, to know in order to understand, to act, to be protagonists.Read more »

Marcello Mastioni
Vice President and Managing Director Europa & EMEA at HomeAway
Tomaso Rodriguez
Operations & Logistics Manager Uber
Daniele Lago
CEO and Head of Design at LAGO Spa

Debate moderators
Mafe de Baggis
Co-founder Pleens, Freelance, Community expert
Roberta Milano
Co-founder BTO Educational
Scientific Committee BTO 2014

Search Reevolution by Giorgio Tave [I]

Search Reevolution, the special edition for BTO 2014, with Giorgio Tave and Cosmano Lombardo: two consecutive slots of 1 hour and 50 minutes in total. This is the first of the two. The revolution, made by Google. Google has made a major breakthrough in the world of marketing. Understanding the extent of the changes resulting.. Read more »

Who gave you this data!? The museum… The library… The archives…

Only a healthy and conscious reuse can save Cultural Heritage from bureaucracy. “Data is like a parachute: it works best when it’s open.” Are you tired of prohibitions and snares? In particular, are you annoyed at the difficulty of adequately enhancing our cultural heritage? The solution exists, and it’s called ‘opening’. The debate has been.. Read more »

Instatour #Napoleone200, a case of territorial marketing through the images of Instagram and the Social media

An exercise in visibility through the images of Instagram and other social media on the occasion of the celebrations for the Bicentenary of Napoleon on the island of Elba for the overwhelming opportunity for the most influencial Instagramers in Europe. All this with the fundamental backing of local businesses amongst which Acqua dell’Elba as the.. Read more »

Choice Hotels: How to Boost the Performance of your Hotel

Product Presentation in Italian and English. he second largest hotel chain in the world presents and explains you how their franchisees have improved their business. Increase your direct bookings, be more efficient and save commissions with agencies: – Preferred contracts with major OTAs, meta search engines and wholesalers – Brand websites and apps for mobile.. Read more »


Hoxell is the innovative Hotel Guest Experience Management system that enables hoteliers to efficiently orchestrate guest experiences in a single web platform. By sharing the same database for both hotel marketing and service delivery, Hoxell provides continuity of the guest experience throughout the lifetime of the relationship. Delivering relevant and actionable information to the right.. Read more »


Social Media & Storytelling

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Returning to Florence again this year is Daniel Edward Craig, a speaker well loved by the BTO public.

He’s back with a speech on Social Media & Storytelling to join up the dots with the presentation he made at the Fortezza da Basso’s 2013 edition of BTO.

Daniel Edward is interviewed by Barbara Sgarzi.

In this session I draw from my background as a hotelier, author of three mystery novels and social media specialist to show how online travel marketers can use storytelling techniques to grab the attention of travelers, increase social sharing and drive conversions.

Topics include:
• How social media creates unprecedented platforms and audiences for storytelling
• Storytelling in the age of the 140-character tweet
• How to tell stories that grab attention, are shared and inspire action
• Visual storytelling: harnessing the powers of imagery
• Mobilizing the most powerful storytellers of all: your guests Read more »

Daniel Edward Craig 
Founder Reknown

Interview with Daniel Edward:
Barbara Sgarzi
Journalist, blogger, expert in digital publishing and communications

Search Reevolution by Giorgio Tave [II]

Search Reevolution, the special edition for BTO 2014, with Giorgio Tave and Cosmano Lombardo: two consecutive slots of 1 hour and 50 minutes in total. This is the second of the two. The revolution, made by Google. Google has made a major breakthrough in the world of marketing. Understanding the extent of the changes resulting.. Read more »

Twitter e Facebook, ADV Travel

By Rocco Rossitto & Paolo Ratto Does it make sense in Italy for a tour operator to spend money on Facebook [and now Twitter] to reach its (potential) customers? How, when and why is it useful to market your content on Facebook, and what return can you expect (and subsequently calculate!) from an advertising campaign.. Read more »

The web is not a washing machine: new writings and new languages in the digital environment

The stories and language of the web have a tempo and structure that are gradually being adapted and / or clarified with the development of constraints and “models” generated by the need for speed, conciseness and effectiveness. In this panel, Basilicata becomes the background and the example from which to explore a topic of general.. Read more »

In Italian


This year, the Regional Agency for the Promotion of Tourism “In Liguria” has again facilitated the participation in BTO 2014 of operators of the long tourism chain of Destination Liguria. This slot brings them to the Fortezza da Basso with commentaries from the territory, 2015 projects, and much more.Read more »

In Italian


For the third consecutive year, the Tourism Governance of Destination Umbria facilitates participation in BTO of operators from the region, and this slot is assigned to them.Read more »

In Italian

Lazio [I]

The Lazio region, together with the Regional Department of Tourism is involved in works to drive the evolution of our territory into an industry of experience and creativity, an industry capable of transforming the motivations for a trip into developing the territory and enriching businesses. This presence at the seventh edition of BTO is an.. Read more »

New strategies connecting tourism and ICT

DANTE project (“Digital Agenda for a New Approach Tourism in Rural Areas and the European Mountain”), funded by the European territorial cooperation program INTERREG IVC, aims to promote a better use of information and communication technologies to develop tourism in the rural and mountainous areas and to share innovative actions for the promotion of local.. Read more »

Say, Do, Kiss…

By Marina Bompieri. Cooking to preserve the identity of the area. What do people like and why? An experience of success that can be replicated elsewhere, with the right approach and a few tricks. For three years, Marina has held cookery courses for American tourists on Lake Garda, but she does not do the cooking.. Read more »


Good Vibrations Hangout

After last year’s success, Zeppelin Group again invites everyone to the live concert of Jack Freezone & the Swinin’ Ciccioli to end the first day, starting at about 6pm in the Spadolini Pavilion of Fortezza da Basso.

A relaxing meet & greet, accompanied by the music of a group who are passionate about 50s Swing and Rock.

The ideal atmosphere for meeting new people and sharing a passion for Internet Marketing.

At the centre of Zeppelin’s culture is a firm idea: to marry the world of music with Internet Marketing, because they share the same values – it’s all about Good Vibrations!

We want to share this philosophy with you – join the Good Vibrations Hangout!Read more »

Music by

Jack Freezone & the Swinin’ Ciccioli
A group passionate about 50s Swing and Rock


Big Data, Measurement and Analytics

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Big Data has become rather a mainstream topic.

It is often portrayed as a sort of panacea that promises to solve all problems in many sectors, including tourism.

However, in the travel industry, big data really is strategic: it is useful for understanding trends, optimizing marketing, deciding where to allocate resources and time.

In this panel we consider two very real situations.

Boxever, which takes big data left behind on the web by people while booking a flight or a holiday, and uses it to optimize the sales process and, in particular, to get to know their customers better.

Andalucia Lab is an example of a region that uses big data to optimize marketing and communications, analysing what emerges to decide where to allocate their budgets in support of Destination Andalusia.Read more »

Jose Luis Cordoba
Managing Director Andalucia lab
Ultan O’Brien
Vice President Sales Boxever

Interview with Jose Luis and Ultan
Mirko Lalli
Founder Travel Appeal

The thin playful line. Activating engagement. The non-borderline experiences of museums and destinations

Forget culture as you knew it. Forget the maxim “cultural attractions = guaranteed tourism.” The areas that become favoured places for innovation and creativity, and major tourist destinations, are those that focus on their cultural proposal and build it around their residents, the ‘first tourists’, actively engaging them towards unconventional actions. The activator is the.. Read more »

Hospitality: the innovation of Universal Design

The new frontiers of Hospitality indicate that universal design is the most innovative response to the increasingly complex needs of guests. Tourism businesses, especially in recent years, have shown a growing interest and willingness to consider and enhance, in their own development policies, a new way to offer comfort and quality through an intelligent redesign.. Read more »

Easy Revenue for small hotels

Luciano Scauri at BTO in 2014. How to achieve strategic directions from the available data, how to collect and organize them at a reasonable cost. The fundamentals of Revenue Management are here exposed in a simple, clear and effective way, to be applied immediately without committing to investments in technology.Read more »


Beat the OTA. The distribution strategy of big hotels companies

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Jean-Luc Chretien, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Distribution at Accor, talks about his group’s distribution policies, strategies, and the results obtained.Read more »

Jean Luc Chretien
Executive Vice President Sales, Distribution and Loyalty Accor

Interview by
Philip Wolf
Founder PhoCusWright ®

And yet it moves

In practice, almost no human activity is now possible without some form of digital mediation. The same is happening in very many areas. The result is the creation of a parallel version of the world that contains an incredible number of digital trails. Reading and interpreting these trails is not always easy, and there are.. Read more »

Does the ideal hotel exist? Trivago reveals its [top secret] formula

Modern and trendy or classic and comfortable? Personalised or standardised? What is the identikit of the ideal hotel? trivago will reveal the “magic formula” of the perfect hotel, outlining the essential stages which lead to the client’s final choice, from comparing prices online to checking out. A journey of desires, expectations and reality, told through.. Read more »

ReGuest by Zeppelin: revolutionize the booking process and increase sales

Reguest is the innovative sales tool developed for hotels, which aims to increase booking rates. Reguest allows you to easily and quickly create customized, expressive offers presented on a web platform developed with responsive technology. The guest can then display their offerings in an optimized way on various devices, and can use the chat feature.. Read more »

Innovation and people, the Bookassist formula

Alberto Recanatesi, Operation Manager Bookassist, opens the keynote focusing on Bookassist’s 360° strategy: Digital Marketing, Web Design, Booking Engine and Distribution that put their basis on innovation: a ‘must’ for a company that operates in the online travel market. Fiamma Franceschilli, Senior Account Manager, will follow emphasizing the importance of the human resources, the key.. Read more »

Reputation = Revenue: Increasing Revenue with Online & Offline Feedback

Social media and online reviews have been buzz topics over the last few years, and most hoteliers already maintain active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, review sites and other online channels to engage with guests and collect feedback from numerous online sources. Meanwhile, the role of traditional guest satisfaction surveys is changing, and becoming more closely.. Read more »


Interview with the Italian Minister of Tourism

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Giancarlo Carniani and Philip Wolf interview Dario Franceschini, Minister for Heritage, Culture and Tourism.

Guest: Sara Nocentini, Councillor for Culture and Tourism for the Region of Tuscany.Read more »

Dario Franceschini
Minister for Heritage, Culture and Tourism

Interview by
Giancarlo Carniani
BTO 2014
Philip Wolf
Founder PhoCusWright ®

Sara Nocentini
Councillor for Culture and Tourism for the Region of Tuscany

Together, towards Italy 2019. the city’s plans following the challenge for European culture capital [I]

Two consecutive slots totalling 1 hour and 50 minutes, dedicated to Nominations for European Capital of Culture 2019; this is the first slot. The protagonists talk about their application experiences and ideas for cooperation after the competition, as partners with Skyscanner. The panel will explore two temporal and strategic dimensions of tourism and cultural promotion.. Read more »


The many hazards encountered by hoteliers, from protecting their hotel name to dealing with the increasing costs of visibility on social media, meta search engines, OTAs and search engines. How can we operate properly without falling foul of judgement errors, what should we ask web agencies and how can we measure results? The web agency/hotelier,.. Read more »

Allianz Global Assistance: Booking Protection

A line of insurance products that Hotels / Holiday apartments / B&Bs / Campsites and other facilities can offer, and sell revenue shares with our company to their guests, both Italian and foreign, at the same time as booking their accommodation. Services include: Cancellation insurance (to protect the deposit or the cost of the entire.. Read more »

Gp Dati: complex strategies or technology complexities?

The web is taking on a crucial role in the hospitality sector, introducing dynamics and new factors to take account of when planning revenue and marketing strategies. In this context control and optimization, sharing and timeliness are the essential conditions for competing. The tools become strong allies if they are well integrated and can simplify.. Read more »

What is behind the success of the most important E-commerce and Websites? User Experience, SEO/SEA and high conversion rate: a user-centric view getting better continuously

The technology is Disruptive and in 10 years a lot of companies no longer exist because their inefficiency in digital marketing creates new intermediaries that drive the markets. Software is eating the world. Let’s look closely why the big Websites win the challenge by centering the user and his experience, focusing the attention of this.. Read more »


Country Brand Index 2014

As in each “even” year, FutureBrand presents its own “Country Brand Index,” and takes the opportunity to share it through a BTO 2014 keynote held by Silvia Barbieri, Head of Strategy for the communications agency.

It’s one of the most anticipated events of BTO 2014: “Country Brand Index” will be discussed by Monica Fabris and Roberta Milano.Read more »

Country Brand Index 2014
Silvia Barbieri
Head of strategy FutureBrand

Country Brand Index commentators
Monica Fabris
President of Episteme
Roberta Milano
Co-founder BTO Educational
Scientific Committee BTO 2014

Together, towards Italy 2019. the city’s plans following the challenge for European culture capital [II]

Two consecutive slots totalling 1 hour and 50 minutes, dedicated to Nominations for European Capital of Culture 2019; this is the second slot. The protagonists talk about their application experiences and ideas for cooperation after the competition, as partners with Skyscanner. The panel will explore two temporal and strategic dimensions of tourism and cultural promotion.. Read more »

Serenissima Informatica: from Social CRM to data discovery: the competitive advantages of information technology for the hospitality industry

Integrating protel PMS with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its extensions to the Social CRM on the one hand, and with the Business Intelligence and Management Control with Uniform System of Accounts Reporting on the other hand, provides a competitive advantage to excel in the management and care of customers through multiple channels of communication and.. Read more »


What hotels don’t like about OTA behaviour

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Des O’Mahony, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Bookassist, returns to Florence with a BTO 2014 keynote centred on the bristly relationship between hotels and OTAs.

With Giancarlo Carniani and Paige Brown, at the end of Des’s keynote, a Q&A with the speaker.Read more »

Des O’Mahony
Chief Executive Officer e Co-founder Bookassist

Interview with Des
Paige Brown
Co-founder and CEO Dashbell
Giancarlo Carniani
BTO 2014

Old and new media, today’s literary travel

Exploring different types of narration of places and encounters. And listening to stories. Between reality, imagination and virtual space. Short pieces of writing, linguistic reflections, narrative experiments, fresh geography, publishing projects. From the worlds of Dante’s Commedia to expeditions in small worlds where “you’re in and out”, from “sensitive landscapes” – interpreted through new descriptive.. Read more »

Lazio [II]

The Lazio region, together with the Regional Department of Tourism is involved in works to drive the evolution of our territory into an industry of experience and creativity, an industry capable of transforming the motivations for a trip into developing the territory and enriching businesses. This presence at the seventh edition of BTO is an.. Read more »

In Italian

Mobile Internet of Things

Fabio Lazzerini is Emirates Country Manager for Italy, and comes to the Fortezza da Basso with a VISIONS speech on the present and the future of the internet of things, with a focus on travel and travellers.

At the end of the speech, Philip Wolf presents a Q&A with the speakers and other guests from the slot.Read more »

Fabio Lazzerini
Contry Manager Italia Emirates

Interview with Fabio and the other guests
Philip Wolf
Founder PhoCusWright ®

Tourism, innovation and the digital

Regular users of the Internet in Italy make up only 56% of the population aged between 16 and 74 years, compared with the European average of 72%, while conversely 34% of Italians have never used the Internet, compared with the European average of 21%. The usage levels of the different online services are normally less.. Read more »

[don’t] fell like an island

For travellers of ancient times, islands were places of Myth, Utopia, and Wonder. The stories of the past regarded the lands in the midst of the sea as exotic places par excellence; they were different, mysterious, captivating. For modern travellers the suggestions are the same: still today, they sail to islands wishing to find faraway.. Read more »

Short Stories [I]

This slot, the first of two consecutive slots totalling 1 hour and 50 minutes, hosts four stories from four different territories and discusses them: – A project sponsored by the Tourism Governance of a municipality – A project set up from the “ground”; which brings a region’s operators together into a business network, where they.. Read more »

In Italian

OTAs and online restaurant booking: the great feast

OTAs and Metasearches move casually from hotel hospitality to the forefront of the restaurant world. A succession of Digital Food, from sustainable food at Expo 2015, to online table booking systems and Delivery Food. Participants: TripAdvisor, Priceline, Groupon, Google and the emerging player, Uber.Read more »


Across the ocean…searching innovations

“The value of a person is measured by how many times he gets up after a fall, and says:
“Let’s go!”

In the past decade he has run more than 23,000 kilometres, but does not consider himself a runner.

He has rowed solo more than 35,000 kilometres, but does not even consider himself a rower either.

He lived in complete isolation for over 560 days, but does not consider himself a lone adventurer.Read more »

Alex Bellini

Interview with Alex
Riccardo Luna
Ambassador of innovation
Digital Champion for Italy
Massimiliano Ventimiglia
Founder H-Art

Travel & StartUp

The StartUp Tourism Association was founded in 2013 to bring together the best startups working in the field of Tourism and Culture. It aims to promote digital innovation and creativity, and to support the growth of digital startups in favour of the development of the Italian tourism economy. The Association organizes the meeting, interaction and.. Read more »

Cultural and creative tourism

It is possible take great experiences of enhancing local culture (through one’s own resources, or with the support of networks and European funding) and to ensure that they are touristic experiences twice-over: firstly as attractive situations for the content produced, and secondly as a driving force for the improvement and growth of a territory which.. Read more »

Short Stories [II]

This slot, the second of two consecutive slots totalling 1 hour and 50 minutes, hosts four stories from four different territories and discusses them: – A project sponsored by the Tourism Governance of a municipality – A project carried out by un Association – A project in the StartUp phase – A private project of.. Read more »

In Italian

The golden rules of disintermediation, to maximise visibility on otas

How to find the right balance between direct bookings and OTAs. This BASIC Toolbox is divided into two parts: The evolution of distribution: knowing how to analyze in order to grasp the opportunities – Discover the right balance between direct sales and those traded on the basis of your business – How the distribution landscape.. Read more »


The World of Booking

Going out with a bang: in the Emirates Hall [VISIONS], and for the first time at BTO, after an endless courtship, we finally have

At the end of the keynote, Giancarlo Carniani hosts a Q&A.Read more »

Andrea D’Amico
Regional Director Italia
Rob Ransom
Director Hotel Marketing and member of the Leadership Team of

Interview with Andrea and Rob
Giancarlo Carniani
BTO 2014